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 Institute for Industrial Safety

Due to fast-paced technological advancement and extensive mechanization, the safety and health of indstial worker is nder significant risk. The problem is getting exacerbated with each additin of industrial set-up. The rate of industrial accidents in India and the resulting loss of life or disabilit is really distrbing. These also cause loss of large amont of industrial property and man hours, ultimately creating hindrances in industrial growth. Need of maintaining safety at work assumes great importance for industry management.

Realizing the imprtance of industrial safety, a new section (Section 40-B) was introduced i the factories Act 1948 with effect from 26th October 1976, wich necessitates any factory employing 1000 or more workers or in which any process or operatin is carried on, exposing any person employed in it, to serious risk of bodily injury, poisoning or disease, to employ, one or more safety officers. Following this, many state government have framed Rules under section 40-B of the Factories Act 1948 defining the duties and responsibilities of the safety officer. As per these rules, for recruitment as Safety officer, a person should posses a certificate course or diploma in industrial safety, recognized by the State Government or Central Government as an essenial qualification. So, maintaining a safe and healthy working environment is not only an important human resources issue, it is the law.

The need to prepare, execute and monitor accident prevention programmes in industries is acquirign prevalence these days. For this, services of qualified and skilled safety professionals are in demand all over the country where industries have flourished. Aside from this, all types of workers need to have working understanding of health and safety risks, the steps they need to take to minimize those risks, and common safety standards, compliance procerures and practices.

The need for Industrial Safety Initiatives are:

  • To prevent accidents in the industrial units by reducing the hazard to the minimum
  • To prevent stoppage of work and loss of production
  • To reduce direct and indirect costs of accidents
  • To prevent loss of life and temporary or permanent disability; thus safeguarding the economic stability of the industrial work force
  • To prevent degeneration of skilled human resources
  • To boost employees' morale by maintaining safe work place and good working condition.

Cources objectives
The post-diploma programme of Industrial Safety will be offered with the following objectives:
  • To develop industrial safety professionals to cater to the need of the industries in Odisha and other states of the country
  • To create an opportunity of employment for the students of engineering and science
  • To prevent loss of human resources of the country by preventing injury to and premature death of employees
  • To contribute to the larger goal of economic development through safe and healthy industrial atmosphere                                                                 

Elegibility & Selection Methodology

For full-time course, the educational requirement of the students will be Degree/Diploma in Engineering or Bachelor degree in Science. For the part-time course, the eligibility will be Degree in Engineering with 2 year of experience or Diploma with 3 year of experience or B. Sc with 3 year of experience. Students for the course will be selected through a written test.

Course Outline
The course will provide comprehensive education on the academic as well as the practical aspects of industrial safety and health. The course module will be developed with the following outline:
  • Safety Management
  • Safety Engineering 
  • Analysis, Inspection and Contrl Procedures
  • Safety and Law
  • Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health
  • Exposure visit to industrial set-ups
  • Project work

Duration of the Course:

The duration of the cource for both full time and part time students will be one year.


After completion of the course, the students will be provided certificates by Centurion University of Technology and Management (CUTM)

For Admission Contact  

Mr. Prasant Mallick
(Admission Coordinator)
Centurion University, Pokhriput
Mobile No:- 09437247457


Schedule for the final assessment for 6th Sem Disaster Management Students