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Disaster Management Forum

Disaster Management is a management of crisis of unusual situation demanding commitment at all levels with clearly defined authorities to discharge assigned roles and identified structures to perform designated functions having also a support through appropriate budget and constituted of preparedness plans which would be more oriented to operations part, participatory skills and methods of handling than being generally descriptive.
It is not a problem of time and space alone. It is a continuous process which thrives on feedback, relies on resource planning and subsists on manpower plan based on the identification of the present strengths and weaknesses for a progression towards a better method and weakness free and full-proof system.
Such advance contingency plans should not be only paper plans but plans arrived at after a long process of participation, negotiation and involvement of the local population who are in the front line facing the disasters and those who are vulnerable have to also have the major stakes in such planning.
Odisha, as such has a long history of disasters and is vulnerable to different natural and man-made disasters. Centurion University, the first Multi Sector private University of the state, that sets up quality and value based education systems in the state, is also committed to the Humanitarian sector. Thus, it has set up a forum for Humanitarian professionals in the sector of Disaster Management for Disaster mitigation and preparedness, Humanitarian response and recovery; supplemented with on-going capacity building, scoping and educational opportunities. 
Disaster Management Forum, is committed to select suitable people and making sure they are well trained for the difficult and sometimes dangerous work of humanitarian aid in natural disasters and complex emergencies.
The Forum is established, not for brand, not for profit or revenue generation, but for association of intellect professionals, strengthening partnership towards social upliftment, knowledge management and policy advocacy. 
Disaster Forum would be the planning body to ensure minimum Humanitarian Standards in Disaster Risk Reduction, Accountability and Quality Assurance during Humanitarian Response. It would set up long-term commitment and formula of success in disaster recovery planning, programme sustainability, crisis communications and emergency preparedness for professionals and practitioners with continuous learning opportunities in crisis mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. 
It will bring together renowned professionals, practitioners, keynote speakers and diverse disciplinary sessions that will deliver current and practical information in different disciplines. It would provide plenty of formal and informal opportunities for delegates to share, network and learn. Leading experts would look at upcoming issues and trends in the Humanitarian sector and share their experiences, perspectives and lessons learned from past events. Access to conference workshops and social activities round out Disaster Forum and ensure delegates have a worthwhile and pleasant sharing experience.
Any Individual, Agency, Institutions or Organization with a social commitment and believes in “Right to Life with Dignity”. Besides, the Individual , Agency, Institutions or Organization should have bent for Volunteerism. Any One willing to partner Social Responsibilities with Centurion University for the Vulnerable and excluded groups, is eligible to be a member of this esteem body. The association can be as ; Patrons, Life Members, Institutional Members, Esteem Members or Honorary Members. 
The Forum focuses on Orientation of its Members, Orientations of Professionals, Facilitating Humanitarian Response, Capacity Building Initiatives and Resource Mobilization for Disaster Response. 
The association process is thorough and demands a significant commitment of professional time and energy. The selection process itself will help individuals to clarify their key competencies and aptitude for humanitarian work and any additional training required for them. 
It is a meticulous process of Self assessment that guides to assess the motivation for association with humanitarian work, preference to work in emergency response or community development, individual skills and experience match the requirements of humanitarian aid organizations, key competencies, and preparedness to work in a cross-cultural team, with hard or basic living conditions in potentially dangerous contexts.
Following a review of your application and CV, if we believe you have the skills and practical experience that might be suitable for the register, you will be invited to participate in an interview to clarify your relevant skills and experience and ensure you understand how our register and deployments operate. If our assessment of your skills and experience remains suitable for the register, we will then invite you to attend beneficial training courses.
If we feel that you are not currently suitable for the roles to which we deploy people, we will offer suggestions for additional training, skills development or alternative organisations.

To alleviate human sufferings caused due to disaster / emergencies through a more resilient society created by qualified, trained, skilled, competent and committed individuals and professionals in humanitarian sector. 
Establish centers of excellence for Humanitarian Response, Managerial Skills, Professional Competencies 
Partnership with agencies and institutions mandated to Humanitarian response and activities and reduce human sufferings 
Mainstream Disaster relief with Development 
Establish as an International Agency that provides 
Humanitarian Professional Degrees 
Short term and Long Term programmes on Disaster Management for professionals and practitioners 
Humanitarian Professional Training and Orientation
Recruitment and Professional consultancy
Humanitarian Support Services 
Technical Assistance for early recovery and reconstruction
Humanitarian Partnership programme
Resource Mapping and Scoping 
Research, studies and process documentations in the Disaster Management sector.

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Schedule for the final assessment for 6th Sem Disaster Management Students