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Welcome to School of Disaster Management

The first and only privately managed multisector state university in Odisha. The journey of Centurion University began five years ago by a group of ambitious professionals having aspirations to take it to the pinnacle of quality education, globally.

Centurion University has proved its efficiency not only in regular academic program (I.e. M.B.A & B. Tech education program) but also in social outreach entity. It is currently managing Gram Tarang Employability Training Services, Gram Tarang tarang Financial Services, & Gram Tarang Foods in several states of India and had been nationally recognized as a “Best skill project in rural communities” & several other awards. It is also committed to the Humanitarian sector. Thus, it has set up a forum for Humanitarian professionals in the sector of Disaster Management for : Disaster mitigation, Disaster preparedness, Humanitarian response and Recovery, Supplemented with on-going capacity building, Scoping and educational opportunities.


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 Message from Chairman
    Dear Friends,
 We are delighted to present you the Centurion University of Technology and Management (Centurion University). We aspire to consolidate Centurion University as a truly remarkable place, with expertise across a wide range of disciplines and superb academic atmosphere. As a student in Centurion University, you will be working with academic staff who are well recognised in  their fields of study; academics who are committed to seeing you succeed and will help you develop your ideas, knowledge and understanding. Centurion University attracts students from all sections of society, good minds and the best of faculty since its inception in 2005.
— Prof. (Dr.) Mukti Kanta Mishra
Recent Activities
  • 3rd Batch MT Training Successfully completed .
  • 26th & 27th Batch CRP Training Completed During 13th to 16t Feb 2014 & 22nd to 25th May 2014,57 CRPs were Trained.
Schedule for the final assessment for 6th Sem Disaster Management Students